Elira Curri

Elira Curri

Department of Mathematics
Research Institute of Science and Technology
Vlora, Albania

E-mail: elira[at]risat.org
Webpage http://www.risat.org/people/elira

Curriculum Vitae


Moduli spaces, semistability, binary forms, Galois theory. Below are some of my preprints.

Work in progress

  • Determining if a planar curve is superelliptic and computing its Weierstrass equation (with T. Shaska)

  • GIT height and weighted height (with T. Shaska)

  • On generalized Jacobi polynomials and addition on superelliptic Jacobians (with J. Gutierrez, T. Shaska)




During 2012-2015 I have taught the course of Linear Algebra at University of Shkordra "Luigj Gurakuqi" as a part time lecturer and also taught mathematics at "Scutari High School" in Shkodra, Albania. During 2015-2021 I have taught mathematics and physics at Cambridge International School "Udha e Shkronjave" in Tirana, Albania.