“RISAT” A2G2 Workshop: Vlora, Albania.

Title: A2G2 Spring Workshop

Vlora, Albania

May 21-23, 2021

Organizers: J. Hodaj, S. Mezuri, J. Mezinaj


The goal is to explore recent developments in the theory of arithmetic geometry and with special focus on curves and Jacobian varieties. We intend to bring together mathematicians, working on this area of research, from the USA and from Europe encouraging further cooperation and discussion. We will especially encourage younger mathematicians and graduate students and newcomers in the area. The year's workshop will be hybrid, due to the pandemic.


Our workshops are focused on algebraic and arithmetic geometry, and connections to group theory, computational algebra, integrable systems, algebraic curves and surfaces, Jacobian varieties and more generally Abelian varieties, Diophantine Geometry, mathematical physics, etc.

The focus of each workshop is most determined by the area of the main speakers. We try to bring mathematicians from different regions of the word and different areas of mathematics.

Abstracts and Registration

Each participant, including speakers should fill the following form. There is an option to include the title/abstract there or you can just email it to one of our organizers. More importantly, we would like to know the dates of arrival and departure, especially if you are asking our assistance with traveling from the airport or accommodations.

Click here for registration.


  • Arie Bialostocki

  • Monika Polak

  • Lejla Smajloviç

  • Sergey Shpectorov

  • Tony Shaska

  • Schedule of talks

    We will have talks face to face and online. The final schedule will be announced on May 15, 2021. Click here to see the full schedule including all talks and their abstracts


    To come soon

    A list of participants will be found here



    Vlora is a popular tourist destination with plenty of hotels, B&B, rooms for rent for short and long periods. It is very busy during the Summer months (June-August) and the prices are usually higher during such times. Planning ahead it always helps. Our staff will be available to help with accommodations whenever possible.


    Traveling to Vlora

    Vlora can be reached through its port or by flying to "Nënë Tereza" airport in Tirana. There is a regular daily boat service from Vlora to Brindisi and back. The car ride from the airport to Vlora is about one hour, with plenty of shuttles, cabs. Rental cars are available everywhere in Albania for very reasonable prices. We try to pick up our guests from the airport whenever possible.


    Vlora Attractions

    We got it all here! Excellent weather for most of the year, nice beaches, first class cuisine, hiking, boat rides, museums and historical centers, and everything else. Daily boat trips are available to the island of Sazan and the Karaburun pennisola. People are friendly and hospitable. Feel free to ask anybody on the street and they will help you out with directions, invite you for a drink, tell you about local specialties, etc.