Academic programs

Basic Principals

An academic year has two semesters (Fall and Winter) each of 16 weeks. The Fall semester starts on the first week of September and the Winter semester starts on the first week of January. Each semester has one week dedicated as "final exams" week. Students can finish their degrees depending on their pace. No limit of credits is imposed. RISAT also offers a regular Summer semester which offers courses in 16 weeks and 8 weeks format.

Student status

Students at RISAT fall under one of these categories:

  • Degree seeking student (Application form)

  • Guest student (Application form)

  • Dual enrollment for high school students (Application form)

  • Graduate student (Application form)


RISAT offers these type of degrees

Graduate Certificates

RISAT offers the following graduate certificates:

Bachelor Degrees

Once admitted to RISAT a student can decide on his/her own degree. Most students are encouraged to pick a Major and a Minor area of concentration. All RISAT graduates are required to pass with a grade C or better the following courses:

  • MAT 141-142, 243-244 (Calculus I-IV), MAT 151-152 (Linear Algebra I, II)

  • PHYS 131-132 (Physics I, II)

  • CS 121-122 (Programming I-II)

RISAT offers 4 year bachelor degrees which offer Major of Study and Minors:



  1. Applied Science

  2. Artificial Intelligence

  3. Computational Linguistics

  4. Computer Science

  5. Computer security

  6. Cybersecurity

  7. Data Science

  8. Data Storage Protection

  9. Financial Security

  10. Mathematical Finance

  11. Mathematics

  12. Statistics

Suggested schedule

Freshmen Fall Semester

CS 121: Introduction to Programming 6
CS 151: Algorithms and data structures I 6
MAT 131: Set theory and logic 6
MAT 141: Calculus I 8
MAT 151: Linear Algebra I 6

Freshmen Winter Semester

CS 122: Introduction to Programming II 6
CS 152: Algorithms and data structures II 6
MAT 132: Discrete Mathematics 6
MAT 142: Calculus II 8
MAT 152: Linear Algebra II 6

Sophomore Fall Semester

CS 271: Data Science I 6
MAT 231: Statistics 6
MAT 241: Calculus III 6
PHYS 231: Physics I 8
elective 6

Sophomore Winter Semester

CS 272: Data Science II 6
MAT 242: Calculus IV 6
PHYS 232: Physics II 8
elective 6
elective 6