Albanian Journal of Mathematics

Albanian Journal of Mathematics

Albanian Journal of Mathematics (ISSN: 1930-1235) is a peer-reviewed electronic mathematical journal for the publication of original research articles of excellent quality in mathematics. The journal aims to reflect the latest developments in mathematics and promote international academic exchanges between mathematicians worldwide.

We publish original research articles of highest quality in pure mathematics, applied mathematics, or statistics. Our Editorial Board has particular interests on: i) algebra: group theory, commutative algebra, field theory and Galois theory; ii) algebraic geometry: including classical algebraic geometry and arithmetic geometry; iii) number theory, computational algebra, cryptography and coding, etc


Editorial Board


About us

Albanian Journal of Mathematics (ISSN: 1930-1235) was founded in 2007 with the idea to support mathematical research in Albania and abroad. Albanian J. Math. is an international journal publishing high-quality, original research papers in a wide spectrum of pure and applied mathematics. The prestigious interdisciplinary editorial board reflects the diversity of subjects covered in this journal, including algebra, group theory, number theory, analysis, functional analysis, ergodic theory, algebraic topology, geometry, combinatorics, theoretical computer science, mathematical physics, applied mathematics. Throughout its existence the journal has not charged any fees to the authors and has always been a free open access journal. The journal is supported by private donations and voluntary work from its staff.


The MathSciNet citation for 2019 is 2.15, ranking Albanian J. Math. as one of the top mathematical journals in the World. The average for all mathematics journals indexed in MathSciNet is 0.43.

Starting from January 2021, Albanian Journal of Mathematics will be delivered through Project Euclid. This will increase the exposure of the journal to the mathematical community worldwide. The Journal will continue with the same Editorial Board and the same publishing policies and strategy.


Papers can be directly sent to any member of the Editorial Board. We expect all papers submitted to be original research papers. Dedicated to fast review of all submissions our editors try to conduct a throughly review within 3-4 months. All papers are reviewed by three independent reviewers. The final decision is made by the Editor in Chief.

Call for Papers

We are looking for papers with original results in the areas of algebra, algebraic and arithmetic geometry, number theory, computational algebra, symbolic computation, mathematical physics, differential equations, and related areas. Occasionally we encourage special issues from guest editors on particular areas of mathematics or dedicated to celebrate achievements of recognizable mathematicians. If you have an idea for a special issue please contact the Editor in Chief.