Tuition and scholarships

Tuition and fees

RISAT charges 100 Euros per credit. Courses at RISAT are 6 credit or 8 credits, hence a course costs 600-800 Euros. Tuition is due at the first day of the semester. A late fee of 100 Euros will be applied if the tuition is not paid on time by the end of the first day of classes.

The student can drop a course anytime before the Drop date, which usually is the end of the second week of the semester, for a full refund. The drop date is also the last day to pay tuition. Students who have not paid tuition by that time will automatically be dropped from courses. Notice that late fees and other fees are not waived and the student has to pay such fees in full in order to get reinstated.


Scholarships are given to excellent students based only on academic performance. Competition for scholarships is very fierce at RISAT. Candidates are selected from overall academic performance, performance on science and mathematics olympiads, or other math and schience competitions. RISAT awards these scholarships:

  • Full tuition waiver scholarship.

  • Half tuition waiver scholarship

Financial Aid

Rarely RISAT will award tuition waivers to students who are in financial hardship. Such cases are rare and decisions are made on an individual basis. To apply for financial aid fill out the financial aid form.