Admission tests

RISAT Admission Test

All students who apply to RISAT are required to take a mathematics admission test. Being a technological university all students entering our programs are required to show high competence on mathematics. This admission test is given 3 times a year:

  • First week of April

  • First week of August

  • First week of October

RISAT does not provide information on the grading or results of the test. Within 2 weeks of the test the candidates will hear from RISAT whether or not they are admitted to RISAT. Only students who have applied to RISAT are allowed to take the test.

Context of the test

The test is in Albanian language and contains material based on a Calculus and Analytic Geometry course at the high school level. The topics are as follows:

  • Functions, limits, continuous functions

  • Rational functions, exponential and logarithmic functions

  • Derivatives, maximums and minimums, derivative tests

  • Series, power series, Taylor expansions

  • Integration, techniques of integration

  • Polar coordinates, polar curves

  • Parametrization, conics


The student can prepare for the test using the following book

  • Kalkulus me Gjeometri Analitike (Për shkollat e mesme), Elira Curri, Tanush Shaska